The animal house of the
sun setting STD 1.3


Calathea plant, prickly pear, light wood, paper, layer of dried paint, glass, false parquet, foam rocks, concrete pigments, toy, sanded mdf wood.


- 2018 -

Clément Roche

XOR Lakes 1.6

Transparent polyester XOR resin (Xerophile Operations Recipients), synthetic green velvet, chipboard, biased pedestal, tropical plants.

- 2015 2017 -


Les secrets des banquises PSX 2.9

Expanded and extruded polystyrene, acetate of different colors, plate of plexiglass, light emitting diodes.

- 2016 -


Nature Morte Vivarium Ofth#

Building sand, Arizona sand, concrete pigments, natural pigments, synthetic green velvet, white marble powder, transformed aquarium, daylight diodes.

- 2015 -


Heliographic tectonics CTP plate movements 1.4

Offset printing plates cut and folding, slightly displaced regularly letting time creating thus patterns and sets of shadows and lights around metal reliefs.

- 2013 2017 -


Styrene Butadiene River 1.3

Rubber plates of three different colors placed side by side, cut in one line.

- 2013 2017 -

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